Recent Sessions

  • Sun 10/24 8PM ET | Better Human Sundays

  • Fri 10/22 10AM ET | Healthy Love

    Rachel Levy, LMHC is a well-known Transformational Relationship Therapist as well as the Founder and teacher of The Healthy Love Program, a 12-Step inspired path of relational emotional education.

  • Wed 10/20 10AM ET | Ignite Your Soul's Presence

    Guided Meditation To Ignite Your Soul's Presence,Mysticism / Shamanism / Energy,Lay down in a comfortable position, and close your eyes for this journey that will begin from the inside out, where we will explore what it feels like to embody the essence of who we are, beyond our mind and body-our ...

  • Tues 10/19 8PM ET | The Art of Sexuality- Part 4

    Josefina Bashout aka the Pussy Priestess who is a Tantric Love & Sex Educator as well as a spiritual Psychologist

  • Mon 10/18 10AM ET | Peace Inside with Jordana Reim

    Jordana Reim has dedicated her life to expanding consciousness - her own, her community’s, and humanity’s. She has spent the last decade refining her personal practice through travels and residencies at some of the most sacred and beautiful places on Earth including the islands of Thailand, ashra...

  • Sun 10/17 8PM ET | Modern Buddhism

    Amanda Gilbert is a professor of mindfulness at USC, a meditation teacher, speaker, and author. She's an expert in the field of teaching meditation, mindfulness, and the contemplative sciences and now leads meditation for top companies like NBC, Paramount Pictures, The W Hotels, Merrill Lynch, Ma...

  • Fri 10/15 10AM ET I Golden Voices

    Join Jeff and One Golden Thread as they host Golden Voices

  • Thu 10/14 8PM ET I The Importance of Relaxation in modern times

    Relaxation is forgotten; the chaos & the speed with which we currently live does not allow us to take that minute we need to pause, take a deep breath. Relaxation is regenerative, it allows us the space to neutralize the body so that the energy is redirected to heal completely. Relaxation is prel...

  • Wed 10/13 10AM ET I Energy Activation

    Discover the hidden world and power of the hands. This series is focused on the healing power of acupressure points and their effects on the body, as well as the subtle power channeled through the hands and how to guide it towards your intentions.

  • Mon 10/11 10AM ET | Mindfulness for Stress Relief

  • Sun 10/10 8PM ET I The Heart of Meditation

    What happens when we meditate and why do we do it? What is it about this ancient practice that is still so critical to our modern lives? In this talk and meditation session we will explore how to cultivate our practice and take the insights from the cushion to every moment in our daily lives wher...

  • Fri 10/8 10 AM ET | Meet the Masculine

    Kevin Walton is a transformation specialist and motivational speaker. He's taught 1000s of students to access greater versions of themselves, improve productivity, relationships, physical health, inner-wellness, and depth of sacred and spiritual connection. He speaks frequently and guides retreat...

  • Thur 10/07 8PM ET | Twin Hearts Meditation

    Through the meditation of Twin Hearts you activate your Heart and Crown Chakras to become a channel of Divine energy to bless our planet, family and projects. It is a highway to illumination for its powerful cleansing and energizing effects. By practicing Twin Hearts Meditation you will achieve i...

  • Wed 10/6 10 AM ET | October Astrological Reading

    Every month I look to sharing a general outline of the astrological weather ... tuning in through Tibetan bowls and crystals to help us in this time of transformation ,Let’s use sound frequency and astrology to optimize our soul.

  • Tues 10/5 8PM ET | Living Awake

    Brian Marc Zimberg is an inspirational speaker and a preeminent expert in modern Meditation, Mindfulness, and Modern Enlightenment ® .
    He is the author of "Stop Smile Breathe Be" and creator of the revolutionary program Access Points - The Modern-Life Meditation Plan, teaching people how to “get ...

  • Mon 10/4 10AM ET | Limitless Potential

  • Sun 10/03 8PM ET | Shamanism, Sex & Money

    A transmission on what is human power, potential and how we move forward (inward and lateral) as a species

  • Fri 10/1 10AM ET I Mysticism & Money

    Sylvia Benito is a healer and facilitator of shamanic practices. She also works in the investment management industry, investing over $1 billion in assets. Sylvia's work is to straddle seemingly polar opposite energies - such as money and awakening, or power and awakening - and cobble them togeth...

  • Thur 09/30 8 PM ET | Dreamcatcher

    This event is an invitation for all open-minded adventurers, seekers, dreamers, change-makers, innovators, doers who dare to imagine and dream things real and look beyond dogma.
    We gather in the Dreamcatcher, a safe space and experiential accelerator where we unite in co...

  • Wed 09/29 10AM ET | We are all Twin Flames

    A pranayama & heart connecting meditation, to clear our conflict and soften karmic bonds.

    If you are having conflict within a relationship, or separated from someone you love, or even seeking your “twin flame”, this meditation can help to open the channels. During Mercury’s retrograde, the best ...

  • Mon 09/27 10 AM ET | Tapping into your Higher Self

    Every month George looks to share a general outline of the astrological weather, after which we will tune in through Tibetan bowls and crystals to help us in this time of transformation. Let’s use sound frequency and astrology to optimize our soul contract.

  • Sun 9/26 8PM ET I Better Humans Sundays

    The Ohen:ton Karihwatehkwen is the central invocation, one of the most sacred teachings of the Iroquois Indigenous Confederacy. A profound declaration of gratitude towards the natural world, "The Words Before All Else" are one of the most sacred teachings of the Iroquois Indigenous Confederacy. ...

  • Fri 09/24 10 AM ET I Healthy Love

    Rachel Levy, LMHC is a transformational psychotherapist, Imago Relationship Therapist and founder of the 12 Step inspired program Healthy Love