Onyay Pheori

Onyay Pheori

Onyay Pheori combines 17 years as a facilitator in breathwork, meditation, emotional release work, inner child and energy healing as well as a vocalist, violinist, performing, recording and international touring artist. She is dedicated to helping people transform their wounds, access their gifts and upgrade their lives.  She guides individuals and groups into their unconscious and supports them in accessing and attuning to higher, expanded states of awareness and superconsciousness.  These journeys and tools assist in understanding patterns, transmuting outdated beliefs and attuning to their heart’s greatest desires.  Onyay loves holding a connected, playful and loving space to dive into yourself and allow the kaleidoscope of your truest essence and divine blueprint to organically emerge.  She has meditated, played her violin and sung in sacred sites all over the world, explored many dimensions of consciousness and writes music for film and television.

Join Onyay LIVE every 2nd Thursday of the month at 8pm ET to Breathe.

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Onyay Pheori
  • Go Beyond with Onyay Pheori

    Join Onyay for an exploration, with your breath and superconsciousness, to experience your life force energy, vitality, well-being, inner guidance and light.
    Exploring your breath and inner world are powerful ways to experience inspiration, clarity, healing and flow in your life.

  • Inner Freedom Journey with Onyay Pheori

    Join Onyay Pheori for a journey through breath and visualization as we will explore our energy centers and inner world. Discover tools to connect more deeply with your higher self for inner awareness, freedom and mastery.

  • Expand: A Breathwork Journey with Onyay Pheori

    Onyay Pheori leads us in a guided Breathwork journey to explore your inner world, release resistance, connect with your inner being and expand what’s possible in your life. This will be an opportunity to let go, deeply nourish your body, discover what's vital for you right now and incorporate the...

  • Thu 10/14 8PM ET I The Importance of Relaxation in modern times

    Relaxation is forgotten; the chaos & the speed with which we currently live does not allow us to take that minute we need to pause, take a deep breath. Relaxation is regenerative, it allows us the space to neutralize the body so that the energy is redirected to heal completely. Relaxation is prel...