Darren Austin Hall

Darren Austin Hall

Darren Austin Hall is a modern Druid: his service to the world comprises of being a mystical musician/song-channeller/cosmic poet (the Bard), sound healer (the Ovate-healer) and a spiritual sage-philosopher (the Druid). Darren has been gifted to channel sounds and songs from spiritual dimensions that help to shift consciousness into mystical states and open pathways to higher wisdom. He tours internationally, sharing his sacred and healing ritual concerts & renowned Sound Journeys, Cacao & Sonic ceremonies, his array of spirituality and wellness workshops as well as his Source Resonance Sound Medicine Training.

Join Darren LIVE every 1st Thursday of the month at 8pm ET for Wisdom School.

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Darren Austin Hall
  • Gaia Awakening with Darren Hall

    Darren Austin Hall leads us from Santa Teresa, Costa Rica in a session titled Gaia Awakening.

  • The New Earth Story with Darren Austin Hall

    The New Earth is a popular spiritual talking point in our current transformational age. Visionary teacher, Darren Austin Hall, will share wisdom teachings on how humanity can help co-create a new civilization based on enlightened perspectives and universal truth. Darren will also converge ancient...

  • The Awakening of 5D Humanity with Darren Austin Hall

    In this session, Darren shares how humanity is experiencing a collective initiation into new evolutions of consciousness. We are living in a time of profound awakening. Learn the terrain of 5D and how to embody universal truth.

  • Wed 10/6 10 AM ET | October Astrological Reading

    Every month I look to sharing a general outline of the astrological weather ... tuning in through Tibetan bowls and crystals to help us in this time of transformation ,Let’s use sound frequency and astrology to optimize our soul.