Amanda Gilbert

Amanda Gilbert

Amanda Gilbert is a professor of mindfulness at USC, a meditation teacher, speaker, and author. She's an expert in the field of teaching meditation, mindfulness, and the contemplative sciences and now leads meditation for top companies like NBC, Paramount Pictures, The W Hotels, Merrill Lynch, Macy's and YouTube. Prior to teaching full-time, Amanda was Center Director for The Aging Metabolism and Emotions Center at the UCSF, conducting scientific research and publishing investigations on the biological and psychological effects of mindfulness and meditation.

Join Amanda LIVE every 3rd Sunday of the month at 8pm ET for Modern Buddhism.

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Amanda Gilbert
  • Kindness For All Beings with Amanda Gilbert

    Join Amanda Gilbert as she shares meditations and reflections for how to build your kindness muscle and compassion response. Kindness is a practice, just like mindfulness is. So, get ready to let kindness take the spotlight in your daily meditation practice and within each moment of your day. Lea...

  • Living with Intention with Amanda Gilbert

    join Amanda Gilbert in a session on how everything in our lives flows from intention. Learning how to live our lives from our wisest of intentions allows us to live authentically and with great purpose.
    In this session we meditate and discuss teachings on intention, wise intention, and how to li...

  • How To Make The Heart A Home with Amanda Gilbert

    Join Amanda Gilbert and learn how to make your heart and your inner world a true home - a place you feel happy, free and at ease in. Amanda will offer teachings on The Four Heart Practices of Mindfulness Meditation. The four heart practices - Loving-Kindness, Compassion, Appreciative Joy, & Equan...

  • The Four Energies of Love - Part 3

    Modern Buddhism is for meditators who are ready to discover their true nature of mind and original open-heartedness through the 2600 year old principles and practices of Buddhist meditation, psychology and philosophy.